Sharing back to the Community is part of the mission at JUXT. Over the years, we have sponsored numerous conferences, including ClojuTRE, EuroClojure, ClojureX, Dutch Clojure Days, f(by), Heart of Clojure, and more. We have helped organise the London Clojurians, and we are currently helping London ClojureBridge with course content and delivery.

Supporting open source

We are strong supporters of open source and we have open sourced many Clojure libraries such as Yada, Bidi, Tick and Edge. We sponsor clojurists together; an organisation dedicated to funding and supporting open source software, infrastructure, and documentation that is important to the Clojure and ClojureScript community.

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Clojure In: Celebrating firms that use Clojure

We want to celebrate firms that choose Clojure for their projects, and to spread the word that choosing the right tech does make a profound difference to company happiness, and overall productivity. We have a series of Clojure In interviews with many companies in the UK and beyond. Would you like your company featured on Clojure In? Please get in touch.


Our blog

Over the years we have written many blogs about our tech insights, thoughts and challenges. Our blog covers everything from write-up on specific libraries to consultancy business analysis. Read our latest blogs.


In 2016 we hosted our own conference. There was some throwing of axes, Ukuele strumming and informative talks. Read our blog post of the day and find photos here. Coming soon: XT20!

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