We are opinionated

Time to market is crucial for most projects. We have a preferred technology stack that we use to hit the ground running, meaning that we spend more time coding the business problem domain, and less time spent on debating what languages and tools to use.

We are experienced

We have been building solutions for years, from mobile apps for start-ups to PCI DSS compliant cloud platforms and immutable event-based data fabrics for large global organisations. We are trusted as an innovation partner, delivering solutions that keep our clients ahead of the crowd.

The web applications exceeded our expectations on functionality and time to market. JUXT led the development team through this period of incredible achievements.

— Morgan Ross
CTO OnTheMarket plc

We are technical

Everybody in JUXT writes code, from graduate hires to the founding directors, it’s in our cultural DNA.

We understand the technology, but we also understand how to best harness it for our clients, to solve the business problems that matter.

The JUXT team are tremendously technically capable — delivering elegant solutions to complex problems.

— Managing Director
Tier-1 Investment Bank

We are lean

Innovation empowers delivery. Our developers are full-stack, so we can postpone segmenting delivery teams into technical sub-teams, gaining us efficiency.

Through careful and iterative tool selection, and hiring for proven excellence, we can build sophisticated projects with smaller teams.